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La Triveneta Cavi, aspires to be considered as one the most important and most reliable European manufacturers of electric cable. To maintain a level of excellence requires a shared and focused approach to quality.

What Quality means

Quality is an operating principle that serves to guide the organization towards customer satisfaction and meeting specific requirements.
For La Triveneta Cavi this means identifying and responding to customer requirements and implementing the philosophy of cause and effect assessment for critical processes, i.e. those processes subject to risks of inefficacy..

The basic principles of company Quality

  1. Quantifying Quality

    In order to be able to effectively manage a process requires data.
  2. The importance of statistics

    Data is important for demonstrating improvements in quality and to support decision-making.
    The analysis of data must be possible for any company process: in this way the statistics serve as a starting point for initiating corrective actions.
  3. Providing the quality you deserve

    The quality available today is the result of past management; the quality of tomorrow will be the result of today’s management.

Quality Management

Quality improvement involves control

A Quality Management System (QMS) is implemented to improve Quality. This involves each process and everyone in the organization; to support improvement requires discipline, transparency, and straightforwardness.

All this is achieved by acting on the following levers:

The organisation, by gearing it towards continuous improvement, standardising and constantly updating each activity so that everyone knows what to do and how to do it to ensure the effectiveness of the management system and to ensure that the quality policy is communicated, understood, and subject to periodic audits.
The process, by seeking the best yet most cost-effective solutions, monitoring the results with the internal customer/supplier chains, and checking that it does not have negative effects on the environment.
The product, through the development of new or improved products.

Our Company

Since 1965, La Triveneta Cavi has been one of the major players within the European market for low- and medium-voltage cables for various sectors (industry, home use, power distribution, renewable technologies). read all »

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La Triveneta Cavi s.p.a.
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